6 Mario Characters Who Deserve Their Mario Kart Debut


Final week noticed a brand-new, never-before-playable character inside the Mario Kart collection debut within the somewhat profitable Mario Kart Tour. This character was none aside from probably the most distinguished of Magikoopa, Kamek.

Kamek was initially purported to debut in Mario Kart 64, 25 years in the past. As a substitute, Donkey Kong took his place on the roster, and poor Kamek has been in Mario Kart limbo ever since. That was till this week after all, as he was added into Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour itself has seen the looks of a number of new playable characters launched to the Mario Kart collection, comparable to Pauline, Nabbit, Dixie Kong, King Bob-Omb, the Hammer Bro, Ice Bro, and Hearth Bro, for example. Nonetheless, there are a number of different prime candidates deserving of an look in future Mario Kart video games and even Mario Kart Tour itself that haven’t but been added in an entry.

We’ve got provide you with a listing of six characters greater than overdue of getting themselves added to the ever-expanding roster of racers inside the Mario Kart collection.

Increase Increase & Pom Pom

Mario Kart Characters

These characters are typically regarded as being collectively ever because the latter’s first look in a Mario sport courtesy of the Nintendo 3DS sport Tremendous Mario 3D Land. Whereas Pom Pom is comparatively new to the Mario-verse, Increase Increase has been round virtually because the starting, debuting in Tremendous Mario Bros. 3 as a standard boss within the fortresses of the sport.

It solely made an excessive amount of sense for Nintendo to create a feminine counterpart to Increase Increase, and that’s the place Pom Pom entered into the image. Whereas Increase Increase stomps round, often additionally seen flying at instances within the 2D video games, Pom Pom carries round a big shuriken, tossing it at her opponents. She will even produce faux variations of herself to journey up her enemies as nicely.

Pom Pom and particularly Increase Increase are greater than deserving as additions to the Mario Kart roster. We’ve seen the Koopalings, who additionally debuted in Tremendous Mario Bros. 3, arrive within the collection with Mario Kart 8 whereas poor Increase Increase hasn’t gotten a lot illustration in any respect in Mario spin-offs at massive. In actual fact, his first main playable look in a spin-off was as a DLC character in Mario Tennis Aces on the Swap. A very long time to attend, for positive!

Each Increase Increase and Pom Pom would make nice additions to Mario Kart, serving as heavyweights almost definitely, and appear lengthy overdue (once more, particularly Increase Increase) to affix up with the likes of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and extra on the Mario Kart roster.


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