AGDQ 2021’s Skyrim Speedrun Is a Superb Reminder of How Janky this Sport Is 1

Superior Video games Completed Fast, also known as AGDQ, is now underway and this week is filled with yet one more set of thrilling speedruns to look ahead to. AGDQ 2021 is one other on-line occasion on account of COVID-19 considerations, however that definitely hasn’t stopped the speedruns from being entertaining as ever.

Simply as we speak, we acquired to see Nucular do a speedrun of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim within the glitchless primary quest class. Whereas some would possibly want seeing a glitched speedrun of Skyrim the place the runner simply glitches out of bounds and makes a beeline for areas they’re not purported to entry but to beat the sport faster, this glitchless run has been endlessly entertaining as properly.

Just about every part that would go unsuitable within the speedrun does find yourself going unsuitable, together with poor AI RNG that may power Nucular to spend extra time in a fight encounter than vital, in addition to the sport straight up freezing and crashing on the most inopportune instances.

Even in a glitchless class, there are nonetheless loads of hilarious tips that function an excellent reminder of how janky the sport was, and nonetheless is as we speak. Issues like getting the horse to hurry up steep hills at an angle, or intentionally pushing NPCs round and shouting at them in the midst of a dialog proceed to be entertaining even when it does break the immersion for the sake of going quick.

AGDQ 2021 will proceed until the tip of the week, and you may try the runs over at their Twitch channel.


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