Respawn and EA are releasing trailer after trailer main as much as the Feb. 2 launch of Season 8, Mayhem. This video exhibits off the explosive talents of the brand new Legend, Fuse, earlier than he joins the Apex Video games.

Fuse is a grenade specialist that brings that’ll deliver a fiery punch to the battlefield. True to that description, he’s capable of carry an additional grenade in his grenade slot as a Passive Potential. This Passive additionally lets him launch grenades farther than different Legends.

Fuse’s Tactical Potential permits him to ship out a cluster of concussion explosives in a small space that may catch different Apex Legends off guard.

His Final Potential, referred to as The Motherlode, rains down extra explosives from the sky, encircling enemies in a hoop of fireplace. This might work nicely with different aerial Ultimates from Bangalore or Gibraltar.

Even Octane’s leap pad or Horizon’s anti-gravity machine may enable for extra aerial assaults as opponents are pressured to battle, or run by means of the flames.

Try the video beneath to see all of Fuse’s talents that’ll be coming in Apex Legends Season 8:

Season 7 is on its approach out, so don’t neglect to finish its Battle Go when you’re nonetheless aiming to get these legendary R-99 skins earlier than they’re gone for good.


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