Remaining Fantasy XIV’s unveiled its newest enlargement, Endwalker, the opposite day, and with it, one of many two new jobs which might be deliberate: Sage. Relying on how up you’re on Remaining Fantasy historical past, Sage ought to ring some bells. It’s a job that does have a historical past within the franchise, it’s not a brand new job, however the FFXIV model does look like a departure from how the job has been depicted prior to now.

Let’s have a look at the historical past of the Sage job in Remaining Fantasy, specializing in numbered video games and ones which have a clearly outlined job system, and see if it may give us any steerage on what to anticipate in FFXIV.

Remaining Fantasy III

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In Remaining Fantasy III, we see what would find yourself being the blueprint for the Sage job for many of its appearances. The Sage is ready to wield all magic and is an final mage of types, however it has a key flaw that holds it again from simply utterly overshadowing different mages.

It may forged White, Black, and Summon Magic, however it has a smaller MP pool, which suggests it needs to be selective and cautious about what spells it chooses to make use of in a protracted battle.

In contrast to Pink Mage, which has the same function of having the ability to forged each White and Black Magic, the Sage has very restricted bodily capabilities.

Remaining Fantasy XI followers could also be considering that the Sage appears much like the Scholar in that sport, and also you’d be right. The Sage and Scholar, exterior of Remaining Fantasy XIV, which we’ll see, are sometimes depicted fairly equally.

Remaining Fantasy IV

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Remaining Fantasy IV doesn’t have a strict and outlined job class system like Remaining Fantasy III ,however the playable character, Tellah, is mostly thought-about to be a Sage.

Like Remaining Fantasy III, Tellah is finally capable of be taught high-level White and Black Magic however is held again by a smaller MP pool.

Remaining Fantasy Techniques Superior & A2: Grimoire of the Rift

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Whereas the Sage was not current within the authentic Remaining Fantasy Techniques, it did seem in its two spin-off sequels of types, Remaining Fantasy Techniques Superior & A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Like in Remaining Fantasy III, the Sage in each these video games function a mage that has energy in each White and Black Magic, however has a important flaw. Nevertheless, on this sport it’s not MP that’s as main an issue however, as a substitute, it’s its velocity that is a matter. It’s going to take some time for Sage to have the ability to act, so it must be very conscious of upcoming actions.

Remaining Fantasy Explorers

Lastly, simply to hammer the purpose one final time, Remaining Fantasy Explorers’ Sage as soon as once more is kind of the identical that we have now seen in earlier video games.

It, you guessed it, had the power to forged each White and Black Magic, however is bodily extraordinarily frail. It’s sluggish, its defenses are horrible, and it has no bodily prowess in any respect.

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