Microsoft Flight Simulator F-14 Tomcat, Arrow II, and Halifax Stanfield Airport Get New Screenshots


Third-party builders have launched new belongings showcasing upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Beginning with airports, we get a take a look at the brand new rendition of Halifax Stanfield Worldwide Airport (CYHZ) within the works at FSimStudios and Airfield Canada.

That is coming quickly, earlier than the tip of June.

Subsequent, Simply flight revealed new photos of the PA-28 Warrior II with a quick improvement replace.

“Mannequin, texture and customized coding work is sort of full on our upcoming PA28 Warrior II for MSFS, with flight dynamics and customized sounds nicely underway too!”

final, however not least, we get a a lot bigger improvement replace from DC Designs, alongside new screenshots of the F-14 Tomcat, which ought to come by July.

“The Tomcat has been progressing extraordinarily nicely this week, as work has began on the deeper-level element that I wish to see on this plane. The work to date has centered on the plane’s engines and management surfaces: the F-14 had a fancy association of flaps, slats, spoilerons, tailerons and spoilers. All of those surfaces labored along with the variable-geometry wings all through the flight envelope to offer the Tomcat with the high-lift era that allowed it to loiter for lengthy intervals on fight air patrol, conduct supersonic intercepts of intruders, after which keep within the struggle with plane that had been actually half its measurement and weight.


At present, the plane is supplied with four-stage flaps, together with two-stage slats, which might function each underneath the pilot’s command but additionally robotically at sure airspeeds to retain elevate throughout air fight manoeuvring. As well as, these are supplemented by spoilerons that deploy to boost roll-rate at fight airspeeds, whereas the flaps ( which might additionally deploy throughout high-G, high-alpha manoeuvres, are coded to be inoperable when the wings attain past sure angles of sweep.

The wings sweep robotically based mostly on Mach when airborne, however will be over-ridden by the guide sweep management as per the actual plane. Pitch-trim was barely affected by the wing sweep in the actual plane, I used to be stunned to be taught, so we’ve elected to go away pitch likewise unaffected on this rendition of the plane so far as elevator trim is worried.


The F-14A was powered by two Pratt & Whitney TF-30 afterburning turbofans that had been probably not proper for the plane. The engines had been susceptible to compressor stalls in sure phases of flight, and I’m delighted to report that these vulnerabilities have now been coded into the DC Designs F-14 engines. If the Tomcat is under 250 knots indicated and the pilot is simply too heavy with the rudder in both course, the inside-turn engine will endure a compressor stall. Do that within the touchdown section and also you’re rapidly going to search out your self in deep kim-chi. Luckily, for these fast with their stick and rudder, the Tomcat can fly on one engine. You probably have the gasoline, and might re-gain altitude, the useless engine will be re-started. The flight checks for this course of to date performed on the Tomcat revealed a both-engines-out glide velocity of 250 knots with a seven-degree nose-down angle, yielding a descent price of round 2,500ft per minute – not lengthy to get these engines going when you’re at decrease ranges.

Additional quirks of the engine that may danger low-level stalls are; improper use or failure to make use of inlet ramps, lateral side-slip maneuvers with excessive roll charges when supersonic, and sure excessive AoA maneuvers. To place it merely, the A mannequin represents a reasonably detailed rendition of the plane’s flight and powerplant traits and would require extra cautious dealing with than different MSFS fighter jets to get the perfect out of it. Regardless of all of this the actual F-14A was, in the appropriate palms, able to defeating F-15s, F-18s, and even the F-16 Viper in shut air-combat maneuvering, so don’t complain – be taught to fly the plane…The F-14B was powered by a pair of Basic Electrical F110 engines that didn’t endure compressor stalls and had been extra highly effective, producing 30% extra thrust throughout a lot of the flight envelope. These modifications are additionally mirrored within the DC Designs F-14B mannequin, nevertheless in the intervening time we’re testing solely the A after which will transfer on to the B, as the remainder of the aerodynamics had been an identical.


Flight checks have proven that when the plane is pitched into high-alpha flight with high-rudder and/or aileron inputs, the F-14 will depart managed flight, with an inclination to deep-stall the airframe. Spins have been performed each flat and inverted, each of which show elevated violence as altitude is misplaced. The restoration process to date is to get the nostril down and try to hold it there till airspeed recovers ( above 115 knots indicated ) at which level restricted management authority is regained. These stall and spin aerodynamic traits sadly coincide intently with the TF-30’s compressor stall vulnerability, so identical to actual life the pilot should hold a cautious eye on airspeed and AOA throughout air-combat-manoeuvring in the event that they’re to keep away from a compressor stall and simultaneous spin departure, because the uneven thrust from just one engine turning might render the spin unrecoverable.

The F-14 is pretty straightforward to land however as with every giant and heavy plane, turns within the touchdown configuration should be dealt with with care to stop speedy side-slip occasions. At low weights the Tomcat’s stall speeds are additionally remarkably low, most likely because of the giant lifting space of the fuselage, however at regular working weights it may be all too straightforward for the massive cat to get uncontrolled – simply the way in which it ought to be! It’s turn into straightforward to see in testing how some Tomcats had been misplaced when attempting to line up with an plane provider – low velocity, excessive alpha, a boot of rudder to keep away from going broad within the flip and immediately one engine’s shutting down and the pilot solely has 350ft of altitude to play with and seconds to react. With the approaching plane provider to MSFS, you’re about to bear witness to what it was actually wish to be a Tomcat pilot in america Navy”

Lately, we revealed our large interview with head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, who offered quite a lot of new information concerning the current and way forward for the sim.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already accessible for Home windows 10 and Steam and will launch on July 27, 2021 for Xbox Collection X advert Collection S.


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