Mileena Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay Trailer Exhibits off Her Brutality 1

Earlier this morning, the official Mortal Kombat YouTube channel launched the primary gameplay trailer that includes the franchise veteran, Mileena, in motion. The clone of Kitana seems to be simply as vicious and sadistic as ever with an equally creepy voice.

The trailer begins with Mileena twisting certainly one of her sai into the attention of an enemy earlier than being interrupted by Kitana. Then the 2 begin going at it and that is the primary time we get an prolonged have a look at Mileena’s moveset in Mortal Kombat 11.

In fact, her assaults encompass primarily stabs and slashes together with her sai together with flips and acrobatic kicks. Which may not sound particularly brutal for Mortal Kombat, however relaxation assured, it will get there.

Fairly early on we see Mileena carry out a transfer on Kitana the place she makes use of a sai to stab the opponent within the eye. Then she follows it up with a kick to ship them flying significantly far throughout the stage. It seems unlikely that you may get many follow-ups off of this transfer.

One other exceptionally brutal transfer options Mileena taking off her face protecting for a bit to lick her enemies. Gross, however not that violent till she instantly bites their neck after and takes out a bit of flesh on the identical time.

One of many extra visually spectacular strikes proven off within the gameplay trailer options Mileena sliding and taking out the ft of an opponent earlier than leaping on them and stabbing them together with her sai a number of occasions.

She then slams their head into the bottom and forces them to teleport to the highest of the display screen. The enemy then falls to the bottom and receives two extra sai to the top.

Proper after that Mileena makes use of a seize that stabs each sai into the enemy’s physique. Mileena then turns round to test her nails whereas sai proceed to rain down on the enemy earlier than she lastly teleports behind the enemy and kicks them away.

However none of these strikes evaluate to Mileena’s Particular Transfer and her Fatality. Throughout Mileena’s Particular, we see her stab Kitana within the intestine 5 occasions, soar on her again, take a chunk out of her neck, throw each sai via the again of Kitana’s head to pierce her eyes, then Mileena rips out her throat.

The Fatality is relatively tame. Mileena jumps off of Kitana, then begins spinning like a noticed blade within the air. She continues spinning in direction of Kitana till she spins proper via her, turning her into a multitude of blood and guts.

On the finish of all of it, we’re handled to a haunting visible of Mileena bent over backward together with her mouth vast open and a terrifying look on her face. If Mileena is your jam, then you definately’ll be capable of decide her up as part of Kombat Pack 2 on Nov. 17 together with Rambo and Rain. Mortal Kombat 11 Final (launching on the identical day) can even embody Kombat Pack 2.

You possibly can take a look at the official Mileena gameplay trailer from the Mortal Kombat YouTube channel under.


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