Pumpkin Jack Overview – Halloween Is Over, However The Spooks Aren’t 1

Again throughout the days of the Ps 2, the cheerful, charming mascot platformer was all the trend, from Spyro the Dragon to Crash Bandicoot, each of which have gotten remastered or remade. As of late the cutesy platformer isn’t as widespread because it as soon as was, however now and again a brand new one turns up and tickles the ol’ nostalgia balls. This time it’s Pumpkin Jack, a sport that feels a lot like a traditional PS2 platformer that you possibly can inform me it was truly only a remaster and I’d imagine you. In reality, it’s so enamoured with evoking the spirit of these outdated platformers that it even has iffy fight and a naff story, similar to them. So, let’s evaluate Pumpkin Jack, the bastard offspring of MediEvil and A Nightmare Earlier than Christmas.

The very first thing to speak about is how this complete rattling sport was made by a single individual over the course of 4-years. Not solely is that this a lovely trying sport because of it trying prefer it was summoned up from the top of Tim Burton, however it’s additionally remarkably polished. It runs nice, and I solely bumped into two minor points the place I acquired caught in some surroundings. That is the sort of work that places huge triple-A studios to disgrace, though in equity Pumpkin Jack can also be a a lot smaller venture.

Pumpkin Jack Overview – Halloween Is Over, However The Spooks Aren’t 2

Obtainable On: Xbox, Ps, PC
Reviewed On: PC
Developer: Nicolas Meyssonnier
Writer: Headup

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So, how does one change into a strolling, speaking pumpkin known as Jack? Seems issues have been far too good and peaceable and pleased, so the Satan decides to invade the boring kingdom of, er, Boring, and spice issues up a bit. However even the Satan can encounter issues, and on this case the issue is a pesky human wizard who may be capable of cease the demonic assault utilizing a mystical amulet and the facility of plot contrivance. And so the Satan decides to dispatch his personal champion, none apart from Jack, recognized for tricking the Satan when he was alive not as soon as, not twice, however 3 times. Jack’s soul will get shoved right into a pumpkin and he’s given a physique, and directed to cease the wizard. That features ripping by means of the assorted beasties as a result of of their senseless frenzy there’s no pal or foe, simply victims.

Given the absurd premise, Pumpkin Jack isn’t as humorous as I assumed, and certainly hoped, it might be. That isn’t to say it’s some form of grim portrayal of the top of the world, both. It’s extra simply mildly amusing with a number of first rate jokes stemming from Jack’s personal snarky character and his persevering with annoyance with characters that want favours. General, I’d must say that the writing might be one of many two weakest elements of Pumpkin Jack. It will get the job performed, there’s a few humorous moments and that’s about it.

However whereas the story may not hit it out of the park, I do love that we get to play because the dangerous man in Pumpkin Jack. Certain, apart from the entire dooming the world factor you don’t do something correctly evil like homicide a bunch of people or kick a child, however it’s nonetheless enjoyable to only be the dangerous man attempting to assist finish the world.

Pumpkin Jack Overview – Halloween Is Over, However The Spooks Aren’t 3

Possibly I’m utterly flawed, however Pumpkin Jack feels rather a lot prefer it takes many cues from MediEvil, a sequence which made a comeback in remastered type earlier this 12 months. Examine my evaluate for that out, why don’t you? The purpose is, the identical fantastical tone of Sir Daniel Fortesque’s journey is prevalent all through Pumpkin Jack.

Plenty of your time is spent leaping and climbing. Proper from the beginning Jack can double-jump and…no, that’s it truly. That is your traditional platforming motion, albeit a lot simpler than the likes of Crash Bandicoot. You’ll hardly ever, if ever, die whilst you leap and clamber. That’s partially as a result of the controls really feel nice. Jack isn’t very controllable within the air, however on the bottom you may simply line up jumps and be assured about the place you’ll find yourself earlier than you ever faucet the button. Over the course of the sport, although, the platforming by no means actually adjustments. It’s the identical fundamental jumps time and again.

I discussed earlier that Pumpkin Jack actually evokes the texture of the PS2 platformers by having a forgettable story and meh fight, so let’s speak about that fight. You’ve three buttons: one that you just mash to assault, one other that sends out your crow companion for a ranged assault, and a dodge. Getting right into a battle with skeletons, ghouls, rats and different bizarre beasts is nothing greater than a button-mashing competition with the occasional dodge thrown in for good measure. The one factor that adjustments is the quantity of enemies that get thrown at you, and the enemies themselves. You’ll battle possessed Christmas bushes, invisible knights and extra. It’s a stable number of foes to slay, however I by no means actually seemed ahead to a battle.

The boss battles are totally different. Whereas they don’t precisely thrown the design guide at a passing baby, they’re properly sufficient executed and visually enjoyable sufficient that you just most likely gained’t care you’re doing the standard issues like leaping over floor pound assaults. Plus, beating up the bosses that bookend each degree means getting your fingers on a brand new weapon. These don’t change the fight a lot, except the blunderbuss which naturally offers you a bit extra vary. You’re free to swap between weapons everytime you like. Personally, I fairly loved the speaking sword that additionally makes Jack levitate.

Pumpkin Jack Overview – Halloween Is Over, However The Spooks Aren’t 4

Except for the platforming and the massacring of something in the best way, there are a few different issues thrown into the combination. Every degree usually comprises an on-rail phase that feels a lot one thing ripped straight out of the Ps 2 period that I briefly thought I’d travelled again in time and was going to wind up by accident flirting with my mum or one thing. You’ll trip on minecarts, a spooky horse and extra, utilizing the leap button and your crow companion to interrupt objects. These sections are enjoyable at first, however I did discover that having them pop up each degree was a bit a lot.

Pumpkin Jack has extra success with a few of its different gameplay mechanics. Using the boat of the useless, for example, is fairly cool because it travels by means of partitions and different objects, leaving you to leap throughout some gaps to be able to get again to the boat. Jack additionally has the useful, albeit freaky, capacity to detach his head after which use tentacles to crawl about like one thing out of a Hentai video you discovered after spending too lengthy on PornHub. This little sections are used for some daft little mini-games, together with pairing up graves with some very acquainted names and even a wierd battle towards Santa Claus. These are a blended bag but additionally add some nice selection to the combination, serving to the quick 4-6 hour completion time whizz by.

Sure, I did say simply 4-6 hours. Personally, I wrapped the sport up in 4-hours, however I didn’t seize each cranium and unlocked each costume, nor did I search out all of the gramophones hidden across the stunning ranges. When you’re the sort of one who looks like they want lots of hours of playtime for his or her cash, Pumpkin Jack ain’t for you.

Pumpkin Jack’s finest energy and its greatest weak point is how mild and breezy it’s. On the one hand, it’s comparable to simple sport to play and unwind with, the type you can hearth up at any level regardless of the temper you’re in and have an excellent time. However alternatively, that very same simplicity is a curse as a result of Pumpkin Jack feels light-weight and shallow. It’s fight and platforming by no means actually change from the opening minutes to the credit, which is why the quick working time is a boon. Any longer and Pumpkin Jack would wish some new methods.

Pumpkin Jack Overview – Halloween Is Over, However The Spooks Aren’t 5

Scattered across the ranges like disguisting sweet are Crow Skulls which you’ll be able to trade for brand new skins for Jack to put on. There’s about 5 – 6 totally different skins, together with a detective and a samurai, so the gathering isn’t huge, however each appears nice they usually make choosing by means of the degrees really feel worthwhile. In 2020, skins are normally offered to us for actual money, so it’s superior to see Pumpkin Jack keep on with its oldschool weapons and simply give them to you for enjoying.

Pumpkin Jack is a venture borne of affection and it reveals in each attractive scene and in the way it pays adoring homage to the platformers of yesteryear. Whereas a part of me needs it tried to be greater than the PS2 period platformers it imitates and advanced its gameplay over the course of its story, Pumpkin Jack is however a enjoyable time. So, should you’re searching for a visit down reminiscence lane to easier instances the place Jack & Dexter, Spyro and Crash have been all the trend, Pumpkin Jack is a rattling advantageous alternative.

The Good

  • Easy
  • Beautiful visible type
  • Enjoyable premise
  • It’s like a contemporary MediEvil

The Unhealthy

  • Possibly too easy
  • Very quick
  • Writing is a bit lifeless

Score: 3.5 out of 5.


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