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SaGa Frontier Remastered on PlayStation 4

Remastering older video games is at all times difficult. On one hand, doing so will help carry forgotten titles into the trendy age, permitting them to achieve new appreciation and followers. On the similar time although, it could possibly reveal components they maintain which have lengthy since been outdated of their style. Such is the case with SaGa Frontier Remastered, which provides a touched-up model of a title that has aged poorly in some key areas.

That being stated, there may be benefit to this remaster present. The sport was experimental for its time and offered a number of twists on the JRPG style which gamers can nonetheless respect. Key amongst these twists was an emphasis on giving freedom to the participant, each within the decisions they make and the way they play the sport.

The story is an ideal instance of this. Much like one thing like Trials of Mana, it sees a number of totally different heroes with their very own epic journeys to undertake. Not like Trials although, the story diverges fairly a bit between every character.

One journey sees the principle character don a Sentai hero-esque swimsuit, boosting their power a number of instances over in order that they will battle an evil empire. One other sees a younger woman become a Half-Mystic through a blood transfusion from an evil ruler; who, after she escapes, sends all method of evil henchmen out to retrieve her.

Granted, these tales range in high quality. Some are totally fleshed out, with correct pacing and character improvement for the principle protagonist and their allies, such because the examples given above. Others, in the meantime, can really feel strapped collectively at locations with flimsy writing or incoherent dialogue, and characters taking motion for no different purpose than the plot calls for it.

Nonetheless, the truth that they’re all so distinct is refreshing even at this time. Selecting any given character appears like selecting a novel expertise, and offers an enormous purpose to take a look at each state of affairs accessible.

SaGa Frontier Remastered Review

This sense extends to how gamers discover the world of SaGa Frontier Remastered. Whereas there are sections that lock gamers into particular quests or actions, the sport additionally has a number of parts which permit them to discover or full aspect quests earlier than advancing the plot.

Quests like exploring a secret Bio-Lab for the trigger behind enemy mutations or collaborating in an historic competitors of braveness provide greater than world constructing and expertise. Each may additionally result in acquiring new and uncommon gear, hidden occasion members, and different advantages.

It may be daunting not realizing which quests maintain these rewards at first – you’ll at all times be rewarded with one thing, however you’ll by no means fairly know which quest provides you with gear as an alternative of a celebration member… except you have got a walkthrough – however after some time it turns into enjoyable to lose your self on the planet on the lookout for the following hidden treasure.

This makes the participant’s option to test each nook and cranny really feel all of the extra worthwhile, and provides a way of objective to the unrequired fight encounters they’ll should battle via in every quest’s dungeon.

Talking of fight: Gamers have a ton of selection in terms of how their characters and occasion have interaction in battle. The primary character they select can use nearly any weapon, and study talents tied to stated weapon.

They’ll additionally study several types of magic on the participant’s discretion. Doing so can permit them to hammer foes with elemental fury, de-buff opponents to make it simpler to land devastating blows, or heal allies to maintain them within the battle.

These decisions apply to occasion members as properly, permitting the participant to meticulously design a celebration’s format till they’ve one they really feel is finest for them. Consequently, gamers can craft totally individualized variations of their occasion and characters, additional making a playthrough really feel like one which can be totally totally different from the following.

All of that is to say nothing of the enhancements SaGa Frontier Remastered boasts over the unique model. Along with touched-up graphics, gamers can even improve the velocity of battles, dialogue, and fundamental character motion as they see match.

Likewise, objects and entrances that characters can work together with can now be highlighted, revealing their location with out the participant having to wander round and examine areas with no clear route. These additions are a godsend in the course of the extra tedious sections of the sport, and are worthwhile enhancements to the title’s general design.

It’s not only a facelift and a few new QoL options you’re getting right here, although. The remaster additionally introduces a brand new character within the type of Fuse. Whereas his addition doesn’t add something revolutionary to the title, he does profit from a powerful, private story and open-ended talents, and can function a strong selection in your predominant character in consequence.

SaGa Frontier Remastered Review

With all of that stated although, there are notable flaws on this remaster, and most of them boil all the way down to core design components of the sport.

One of many largest offenders is the sport’s issue spikes. Frequently, the participant will see fight ramped up through random encounters with stronger enemies or, even worse, some with one-hit-kill assaults. Most of the time, gamers can be obliterated very quickly, forcing them to load an earlier save and grind till they’re ready for these challenges.

This wouldn’t be that huge of an issue if it didn’t happen so usually. Areas are plagued by enemies which is able to hound your occasion relentlessly and respawn at any time when the participant strikes on elsewhere and returns. As such, it’s nearly ensured that gamers must battle via hoards which mob them at doorways, working the chance of encountering these spikes with each battle.

Due to this, gamers might want to put a good portion of their playtime into grinding, combating the identical enemies time and again till they’re certain nothing will give them hassle. In any other case, they’ll hit these partitions repeatedly, resulting in fixed breaks of their immersion and pleasure of the sport.

Even then, doing so will solely purchase them a lot time earlier than they’ll must grind once more to organize for the following space and issue spike.

Likewise, the way in which wherein SaGa Frontier Remastered permits gamers to progress the story will be obtuse at finest and arbitrary at worst. One may, for instance, not be capable to advance the plot till you’ve returned to a selected room sufficient instances, or spoken to the suitable NPC after finishing up actions that may really feel unrelated.

Gamers will sometimes have a touch as to what they’re presupposed to do through the Story tab. Even then although, it could possibly miss the context or space wherein the participant would must be to make use of stated trace.

Granted, these gained’t be the most important points for anybody who has performed older JRPGs, as they have been commonplace on the time. For everybody else although, they are often sufficient to bitter the whole expertise and make the sport as an entire a nightmare of tedium and frustration.

SaGa Frontier Remastered is an effective remaster of a traditional JRPG. Nobody will argue that it does its job admirably, and provides in options which assist the higher points of the unique recreation shine.

Nonetheless, there’s solely a lot it could possibly do to make up for components of the unique recreation which have aged terribly. Those that aren’t established followers of the unique, or who haven’t realized the best way to navigate older JRPGs, needs to be ready for a good variety of complications in the event that they need to expertise this title’s strengths.

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SaGa Frontier Remastered

SaGa Frontier Remastered Critic Review
Reviewer: Keenan McCall | Copy offered by Writer.


  • Assorted character tales
  • Open-ended gameplay
  • Remaster additions are worthwhile


  • Common, irritating issue spikes
  • Hours of grinding are required
  • Progressing the story will be complicated and tedious
Launch Date
Apr. 15, 2021
Sq. Enix
Sq. Enix
PlayStation 4, Nintendo Swap, PC


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