Sea of Stars Teaser Trailer Exhibits Encounters on The Subject


Sabotage Studio simply launched one other model new teaser trailer of its upcoming turn-based RPG Sea of Stars.

As typical, the trailer could be very brief (it’s only a teaser in spite of everything, and we get one per week, so it isn’t so unhealthy), however it does a superb job of conveying a message that there aren’t any random encounters, all monsters and enemies are seen and encountered on the sector.

The sport, which is a prequel set within the universe of the developer’s The Messenger, has been funded with a very profitable Kickstarter marketing campaign and can function music by Yasunori Mitsuda.

You may check out the video beneath.

Sea of Stars will come to PC and consoles in 2022. If you wish to see extra, you may get pleasure from one other trailer, showcasing an animated cutscene, one displaying Mooncradle, one showcasing the Moorlands, one displaying the Mushroom Cave, one other that includes the music and day/evening cycle, one showcasing the Thrower enemies, one other specializing in swimming, one displaying the Soonrang crew assault, one specializing in refractions, one on inside areas, and an intensive gameplay video.

Right here’s how the builders describe the sport.

“Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG impressed by the classics. A prequel story set in The Messenger’s universe, it tells the story of two Kids of the Solstice who will mix the powers of the solar and moon to carry out Eclipse Magic, the one pressure able to keeping off the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist referred to as The Fleshmancer.

Promising the Sabotage contact in each system, Sea of Stars goals to modernize the basic RPG when it comes to turn-based fight, storytelling, exploration and interactions with the surroundings, whereas nonetheless providing a hearty slice of nostalgia and good previous, easy enjoyable.”


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