The Warfare for Cybertron trilogy tells an thrilling new story concerning the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons within the Transformers universe. The ultimate half within the trilogy, titled Kingdom, is about to begin airing on Netflix on July 29, and a brand new trailer has simply been launched.

You possibly can test it out for your self down under:

Right here’s the official synopsis:

“Now the Autobots should crew up with the Maximals to confront the Decepticons, who’ve joined forces with the Predacons, within the race to seek out the lacking AllSpark. Nevertheless, the Predacons are in charge of the Golden Disk, a mysterious artifact which has a private connection to Megatron and offers him an untold benefit over his enemy, Optimus Prime. Which faction will triumph within the last battle that can determine the destiny of Cybertron’s future?”

Transformers: Warfare for Cybertron – Kingdom will air on Netflix on July 29.

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